10/23/2015 - JSC Returns

What would be a good JSC return? Try over 2000 new games, over 15 new gamepacks and tons of new video content to watch, but i ain't done yet, stay tune to see what else JSC has in stored, sure you all will love it.

9/19/2011 - WolfpackArcade hits 10,000+ ibProArcade games and 100+ ibProArcade GamePacks

The milestone has happened on the site, we now have over 10,000+ ibProArcade games, with more new games still being added as we speak, we also hit the gamepack mark of 100+ GamePacks

11/25/2010 - Welcome Back to Wolfpack

Happy Thanksgiving.. and welcome back to Wolfpack Arcade, New song is Rascal Flatts - What Hurts The Most from the album Me and My Gang..

1/3/2009 - Welcome to Wolfpack Arcade!

Something i flirted with you guys with the Break the code topic i kept for a short time, is finally here, the code i used.. well this code lead to this change! Wolfpack Arcade Thought it was fitting to change to this name, since most already consider it named that..

7/2/2008 - Looking The way i want it!

I believe i got the site just the way i want it, besides i want to add some more skins to the forum and all, but it looks great! Here is some good news. i am planning on taking a few days break from working on site, then i will start going crazy with games, and mods again, So are you ready?

7/1/2008 - White and Black Wolf Template Why?

Why did i choose ot use the White/Black Template, i already created Red/Black and Yellow/Black, So i wanted a new change, White and Black, Stay tune on the home page for further updates.

7/1/2008 - Welcome to the Beginning of Wolfpack v2

Welcome to Wolfpack V2, a lot of changes have been made here, and a lot more will be sure to come, keep checking back on the site, for further new updates.